1. Regulations
  • Royal Decree 99/2011 of January 28th, which regulates official PhD programmes (download)
  • Regulations for ULPGC Doctorate Studies (December 2012) (updated March 2019)
  • Access to PhD for students owning Official Degrees previous to those regulated by RD 1392/2007 (download)
  • Internal Regulations and Code of Good Practice of the ULPGC Doctoral School (download)
  • Regulations for Allowance in Training for the ULPGC Research Staff (download) 
  • Measures to adjust ULPGC Research Staff Assistance budget (amounts) (download)

2. Protocols (DELLCOS PhD Programme, Internal use)
  • Teaching assignment as part of the PhD Programme Training Activities (download)
  • Thesis management and supervision of doctoral students tasks (download)
  • Guidelines for thesis submission(download)
  • Protocol for the composition of the DELLCOS PhD theses examination committees (download)
  • Guidelines for giving extensions to DELLCOS doctoral students (download)
  • Bases for industrial of business PhD theses (download)
  • Bases for PhD theses by a compendium of publications (download)

3. Guidelines (DELLCOS PhD Programme, Internal use)
  • [Supervisors and tutors] - Guide for filling in supervision, control of activities and thesis proposal documents (download)
  • [PhD students] Procedure Guide (download)

4. Forms

a) First year 

  • Annexes I, II and III for industrial or business PhD theses (descargar) 

b) Submission of PhD thesis

c) Other

  • Incidence solving [change of dedication, extension, absence for sickness, change of tutor or supervisor] (download)
  • Application for "Alta a Terceros" (ULPGC Research Staff Assistance) (download)