PhD Thesis Submission

The Regulations for the ULPGC Doctorate Studies (BOULPGC of 7th October, 2016) establish in Articles 9, 10 and 11 a series of obligations concerning the format of the PhD thesis that should be accomplished by every doctoral student applying for the authorisation for its defence. Besides, during its session of the 4th April 2018, the DELLCOS Academic Commission has reformed the Guidelines for PhD thesis submission in DELLCOS that, based on these articles, develops them in some way, so that every doctoral thesis achieves the minimum standards. These Regulations and Guidelines are binding.
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Furthermore, the regulations establish in its Article 14 that once you have completed the enrolment for doctoral thesis, the “Vice-Chancellor’s office, responsible for doctoral programmes, at the Academic Commission for Doctoral Programme’s proposal, will designate five members to compose the PhD Thesis Evaluation Committee, three of which will be entitled members and two of which, substitute members. Optionally, at the PhD Thesis Advisor’s proposal, after the Academic Commission’s approval, the Committee could be composed by five members, from which at least two must act remotely through the OPEN-ULPGC tool, or be paid with external funds coming from the line of research of the PhD Thesis. In this case, the tribunal will be composed by seven members, five from which will be entitled members, and two of which, substitute members”. Bearing this indication in mind, DELLCOS Academic Commission, in its session of 4th April 2018, has established a Protocol for the composition of the DELLCOS PhD theses examination committees.

In order to accomplish the previous paragraph, there will be a spending limit for the Committee every year, according to the budget allocation and the number of PhD Thesis. In the case of 2018 year, the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Coordination and Institutional Projects has submitted this Resolution for those who are interested in it.